Graduation Photos

Did you happen to notice the multiple photographers cruising around at commencement this year? Remember when you or your grad stood in front of that green screen for the formal portrait? Well, all of those pics are now available for you to grab, print, and place on your mantel!

So how do you get at them? Well, there are a couple of ways. First off, we have photographers who shoot lots and lots of candids throughout the day; from getting ready, to the processional and guests arriving, right up through the triumphant walk across the stage, our photographers are snapping shots. All of those photos can be downloaded from our Flickr gallery for the Class of 2015 Commencement Ceremony. There’s no guarantee that you or your grad were captured here, though, so if you don’t see a person in one of these photos, the photographers probably didn’t get a shot of them.

However, the good news is that if you or your grad walked, we definitely have a formal portrait—it would be quite difficult for a grad to slip by the Island Photography portrait area without someone tackling them (this has never happened, so we can’t even be certain anyone would be tackled, but you get the picture). To get a hold of a portrait, you’ll need to head over to Island Photography’s site, and login. If you don’t have a PIN or a password, there are instructions there on how to get what you need.

And last but not least, if you really want to relive the day, drop by CCV Now and read our coverage, watch the speeches, peruse the #CCV15 social media postings, and check out the news coverage from the day. Again, congrats Class of 2015; good luck in the next chapter, and stay on target!

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