Fall 2015 Early Bird Special Winners!


Spring greeted us with flocks and flocks of early birds streaming in and getting their ducks in a row for spring semester—yeah, yeah, we know, the bird thing is getting a bit tired…Regardless, we’ve got winners to announce!

As a refresher, a few weeks ago we announced that we’d be giving away two, $3,000 awards to students who registered early for fall classes. The cut off was May 8, and a bunch of you held up your end of the bargain, so without further ado, our winners are:

Vanessa Butler

Vanessa lives in Bristol and takes most of her classes online. She started at CCV while she was still in high school at U-32 by taking Intro College Studies and an English Composition course using a dual enrollment voucher. While she’s not taking classes part-time at CCV, she works as a community support aide for individuals with special needs. Vanessa is considering transferring to the Johnson State College External Degree Program after she graduates from CCV with her Human Services degree. She says that she probably would have waited until later in the summer to register if she hadn’t received an email from CCV advertising the promotion.

Stephanie Howland

Stephanie is a CCV Rutland student, runs Happy Hearts Childcare out of her home and is also the mother of four boys. She is taking three classes this fall including Seminar in Educational Inquiry and is on track to graduate in the spring of 2016 with her Liberal Studies degree. Stephanie says she saw the advertisement for the incentive and immediately contacted her advisor, Laura Rubenis, to set up an appointment so that she could be entered in the drawing.

So, if you’re not Vanessa or Stephanie, better luck next time. ‘Wait, what’s that you say? There’s going to be another early bird special?’ Yep, we’re all about making reg easier, more fun, and more profitable for you! We’ll let you know when then next round of Early Bird Special is starting for the Spring 2016 semester, but until then, if you haven’t registered for summer or fall classes, you still can!

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