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What are you doing on October 24 and 25? We’ll of course be putting the finishing touches on our zombie gondolier costumes for Halloween, but we can talk about that later. Mostly, we’ll be over at Vermont Tech Jam 2014 talking about how CCV can get you on the path to that tech job you want!

The thing about Tech Jam is that it’s way, way more than a job fair. This isn’t a ho-hum, swing by a table, drop off a resume, grab some schwag and move on affair. Tech Jam is where you get to meet the folks building and creating some of the coolest technology bits and bobbles going right now, and talk to them about working with them on their projects. And in a lot of cases, you get to play with some of the technology!

“But I don’t have the skills to do that,” you say. Well, that’s where CCV comes in. Some of the folks from our Winooski academic center will be on hand to talk you through getting those skills, and getting them for a price you can afford (hint—it’s way less than you’ll pay anywhere else in the state, and they’re the same lessons, just in a smaller setting). Here’s a smattering of what our people will be talking about:

Digital Marketing

You know those advertisements that are flying around the intertubes all willy-nilly right now? Well, somebody figures out when those things appear, for how long, and a whole bunch of other stuff related to them, and that somebody is a digital marketer. We can teach you how to do that stuff.

Network Administration

In case you weren’t aware, most businesses have a super-secret inner-sanctum that only really, really smart people get to work in. It’s usually called the IT office, and they do some crazy black magicks in there. Well, that work is what keeps the world moving nowadays, and we’ve got a degree program that will get you trained up and outfitted with the decoder ring you need to understand stuff like “Once we have shell access we’ll CHMOD that file, open the port, reconfig the DNS and bend the TCP/IPS Proxy to our will.” Ummmm, yeah….


It’s all about beakers, bunsen burners, microscopes and all things hi-tech here. That’s right, our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics program lays the groundwork for you to move into any number of super cool fields in awesome jobs that earn sweet pay. Take for example the new STEM studies pathway program we have: Sign up at CCV, take the classes and do well, and transition easy-pz into a degree program in renewable energy at our sister-school, Vermont Tech. By the time you get there, you’re halfway done and halfway to a job designing modern day energy systems. Not bad, not bad at all.

Those are just a few of the things our people will be soap boxing about at Vermont Tech Jam 2014. Seriously, stop by and see us; we’re nice people and we’re pretty sure CCV has something you’ll be interested in. Oh, and if you’re really just interested in the zombie gondolier costumes, check out our visual arts classes, because we can teach you how to make that type of stuff too!

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  • "At CCV you get the advantage of having practitioners teaching your course. I can't overestimate the importance of that."

    Tom Hanley Criminal Justice Faculty Member
    Middlebury Police Chief