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So let’s just say you’re interested in art, even though maybe you don’t work in an art-related field. Doesn’t matter, you’re a creative, you want to make stuff, you want take that tiny seedling of an idea pull it out of your brain and set it loose on the world in the form of a painting or a digital artwork or a website.

Paints by Zlyoga

Photo by Zlyoga.

Or let’s say you’re interested in science or history even though your daily life is super-far removed from the lab or the library. Well, that’s the cool thing about your community college. We have classes in every subject imaginable. You can take one, a few, or sign up for a degree. The point is, if you want to know about something, we can get you in the know about that something, because that’s what we do. Oh, and the fall course schedule is live as of now, so if you’re thinking you might just want to explore some new brain terrain in the coming months, pick your classes and register now!

And of course you can still register for summer as well.

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  • "At CCV I was able to engage with people working in my field of study. My experience was invaluable to my career."

    Harry Knowles ’11 A.S. Human Services