CCV Launches Interactive College and Career Guide

The Community College of Vermont is pleased to announce the launch of our interactive College and Career Guide at! This site is the interactive version of our printed College and Career Guide.

CCG screenshot

CCV’s new interactive College and Career Guide site is online at

Two years ago the J. Warren and Lois McClure Foundation provided grant funding for the creation of a publication that would help Vermonters see the value of a college education and how it relates to various career choices. Part of the agreement was that CCV would create a print publication, and in the future, develop an interactive online component. The new is subtitled “Your Interactive Map to a Successful Future,” and that’s exactly what it is, a map. Users can explore various careers to find out about salary ranges, the training they’ll need, and the programming CCV offers towards a degree in that field. There’s information on tuition costs in Vermont, how to transfer credits to and from colleges, and where to start. We encourage you to take some time and explore and start mapping out your future!

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  • “CCV students aren’t afraid to wrestle with complex issues. In Community & Restorative Justice, my students developed approaches in treating drug-possession crimes as a matter of public health, not just public safety. Enroll and help reform our criminal justice system.”

    TJ Donovan Vermont State Attorney General,
    CCV Instructor