Man Up, Lamoille

There’s an easy way to get cool things.

You get a good job, and cool things follow.

The way to get a good job is by going to college. So here’s the deal, Lamoille County, if you’re a guy age 17 – 27, we’re going to give you a free class, gas cards to get to class, and the skills you need to move forward and get that job. You can take classes with your friends, in subjects you like, and we’ve got everything in place to make sure you’re successful.

Here’s the process:

  • Make an appointment with an advisor at CCV-Morrisville and we’ll get you going in the program.
  • We’ll provide intensive advising so that you’re ready for the college experience.
  • We’ll set you up with one-hour, per week supplemental instruction sessions to make sure you’re successful in class.
  • We’ll pair you up with a peer mentor who can help you if you get stuck.
  • We’ll give you a free class— yep, that’s right, no tuition.
  • We’ll hook you up with free gas cards for every three-week period you have perfect attendance.
  • You’ll develop leadership skills that’ll help you move forward in your job or get a better one.
  • That’s it.

Seriously, this is how you do it, so man up, Lamoille, call CCV.

Photos by ^bchu, Abdullah AlBargan, Arctic Warrior, John Skewes

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