Online Learning Coordinators and Administrative Staff

For inquiries about CCV online courses, contact the Center for Online Learning by emailing or calling 802-334-4451.

Coordinators of online courses are responsible for specific curricular areas. For subject-specific questions, please contact the appropriate coordinator listed below via email or phone.

Jennifer Alberico: English, Interdisciplinary(Dimensions, Community and Work Experience), Seminar in Educational Inquiry 802-254-6366
Samantha Boymer: Humanities (except SEI), 802-654-0525
Phil Crossman: Economics, Education, Geography, Hospitality, Philosophy, Political Science, Social Work, 802-828-0621
Gretchen DeHart: Anthropology, Sociology, Social Science, 802-527-5512
Mary Catherine Dreher: Business, Criminal Justice, 802-828-0130
Jenney Izzo: Communication, 802-388-5370
Chris Mason: Accounting, Allied Health, Emergency Management, Mathematics, 802-654-0527
Ted Pappadopoulos: Computer Information Systems, Music, 802-828-0467
Laura Rubenis: History, 802-786-0013
Eric Sakai: Dean of Academic Technology, 802-828-0133
Anya Schwartz: Biology (except courses listed below), Environmental Science, Meteorology, Physics, 802-388-0299
Aimee Stephenson: Anatomy & Physiology, Human Biology, Intro Biology, Intro Nutrition, Microbiology, 802-654-0540
Jeremy Vaughn: Art, Art History, Psychology, 802-828-4063

The Center for Online Learning Administrative Staff can provide general assistance and guidance as well as technical assistance with the Portal and Moodle for both faculty and students.

Sarah Corrow: Assistant Director of Academic Technology, 802-334-4319/4451

If you are experiencing a technical issue you can also receive assistance by submitting a help desk request by clicking the ? in the upper right hand corner of the Portal or Moodle or by navigating to When submitting a help desk request please provide as much information as possible to help the technician assist you in resolving the issue.

For quick reference, you may also refer to the Center for Online Learning staff directory.

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