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Fall 2016 Study Abroad: Current Environmental Issues: Costa Rica – ENV-1230-VJ02

Travel Dates: January 3 – 12, 2017

CCV is heading to Costa Rica to explore Central America’s most eco-friendly country on our next study abroad adventure! Come January, it’s going to be cold and snowy here in Vermont. But in Costa Rica at that time of year, it’s sunny with temps in the mid 70s, and very little rain. In other words, CCV has crafted the perfect winter escape plan! We’ll be learning about songbird migration between Vermont and Costa Rica, taking a rain forest canopy tour in La Selva, visiting the beaches in Puntarenas, and investigating Costa Rica’s world-renowned conservation practices! There’s lots more we’ll be doing, and the class will be addressing some hot topics. Paired with a trip to Central America, this is a great learning opportunity for all of you STEM-oriented students! Read the course description.

Join us this fall for an exploration of current environmental issues wrapping up with a week stay in Costa Rica. Here’s what’s on the schedule for the trip:

Where Exactly Are We Going?

Meet the Instructor

Photo of Jen Guarino
Jennifer Guarino teaches courses in Environmental Science and Biology at the Community College of Vermont. She has a Master of Science degree in Environmental Education from the University of Michigan and is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Mediation at Champlain College. As the Director of Ecotone Education, she develops and implements environmental literacy programs focused on teacher professional development and student ecological fieldwork in partnership with schools and community organizations. Jennifer has a passion for river ecology and watershed dynamics.

Oh, and did we mention we’ll be going to beaches?

So come January, you can be doing this:

Or you could be doing this:

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