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Join CCV on a journey to America’s largest metropolis! The fall 2017 study away class, Ethnicity and Diversity in the United States (SOC-1020-VM01), will culminate in an eight-day trip to New York City, where you will experience the food, music, art, literature, film, and cultures of immigrant populations in one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. A major focus of this course will be on understanding the complexities of America’s immigration history, as well as its implications for today’s social, economic, and political climates. Exploration of the city, which includes working and studying with students from Brooklyn Tech High School, will provide a unique opportunity to expand perceptions of the global community and our place within it.

Your Trip

Travel Dates
January 6 – 13, 2018

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You’ll visit several important sights that will put the study of ethnicity and diversity into context for you.

This trip, much like the city itself, will revolve around food. Traveling in one of the world’s most ethnically diverse cities will give you a chance to try foods from all over the globe. As part of the trip, Bruce will introduce you to his favorite Dim Sum palace. Prepare for this experience with this handy guide:
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NYC has over 5,000 food trucks featuring the best ethnic food you might ever eat.

Need More Convincing?

Sneak Preview
Let the instructor Bruce Baskind take you on a preview of the exciting class he has planned.

25 Fascinating Facts About NYC
Why is it called The Big Apple? How many different languages are spoken in NYC? How many forms of life exist in the subway system? Here are some answers:

Speaking of the Subway
The NYC subway—the busiest subway system in the U.S.—is the most interesting way to get around the city. Check it out before you go.

nyc subway map

Music is such an integral part of this fabulous city. You can probably already list dozens of songs dedicated to New York. When you actually go there, you’ll find music everywhere—on the street, in the subway, even on the train. Enjoy it as you travel through the city.

Meet Your Instructor

bruce baskindBruce Baskind was born in Brooklyn but brought up in Queens, New York with the “wretched refuse,” the descendants of late nineteenth and early twentieth century immigrants. He is pleased that the New York City of today is far more ethnically diverse than the city of his birth.

Bruce will give you the chance to see a New York that tourists miss. With his guidance, the city will become a great social science laboratory, yielding a deep understanding of the enduring cultures of older immigrant groups and the amazing world of more recent Americans.

Bruce’s graduate studies were devoted to the history of NYC, particularly its immigration history. As a high school history teacher in N.Y., Bruce was dedicated to spending as little time as possible with silly textbooks and as much time as possible learning about the nation’s history through walking tours, museums and music, literature and food.

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