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Summer 2014 Study Away: Field Study in Arizona and Utah

Fundamentals of Earth Science ENV-1055-VJ01

Dates of Travel: August 12-19, 2014

This field study Earth Science course visits the southwestern United States to introduce students to the minerals and rocks that make up the Earth, the surface, and the internal geologic processes that shape their arrangement and distribution. Students’ primary focus will be on studying the mechanisms of formation and the distribution of minerals, rocks, continents and planets.

It was life changing…No matter what, it is worth it. Do it. It will change something in your life forever.”

Students enrolled in this experiential learning course will hike Mt. Mansfield in Vermont and travel to Arizona and Utah to investigate basic principles of geology including geologic time and plate tectonics. Human impact on geologic processes will also be explored. Topics to be covered include mineral and rock composition, the surface processes of weathering, erosion and deposition, plate tectonics theory, the Earth’s internal structure, and the nature of geologic time.

  • Marvel at the grandeur of the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Explore the geology and formation of the Grand Canyon.
  • Explore the red rock spired hoodoos of Bryce Canyon. Take in the breathtaking scenery during your hike and see if you can spot one of the elusive mountain lions among the trees in the Ponderosa Pine Forest.
  • Feast your eyes on Lake Powell’s deep blue water lapping against towering red-rock canyon walls. At 186 miles long, Lake Powell is the second largest man-made lake in the United States. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is the playground for nearly three million visitors yearly.
  • Discover the red rocks and mesas of Sedona, Arizona; enjoy the beyond spectacular views, and drink-in Sedona’s supposed “vortex” energy.

Instructor: Chris Shaffer
Location: CCV-Upper Valley

Additional Information

Application Procedures (PDF)
Fundamentals of Earth Science Slideshow (PDF)
Study Away Summer 2014 Application (PDF)


Fall 2014 Study Abroad: Ireland through Words, Images & Music (HUM-2150-VM01)

Dates of travel: January 5 – 14, 2015

Explore the history, literature and music of the Emerald Isle. The class & trip will feature something to pique the interest of anyone wanting to learn more about Ireland. Topics covered and places visited will include traditional and contemporary music, the verdant landscape, Celtic mythology, Irish literary icons, historic landmarks and rural and urban Irish life.

  • Explore King John’s Castle, built between 1200 and 1210 and located in the heart of Limerick City, it overlooks the majestic Shannon River.
  • Enjoy an excursion to the Cliffs of Moher. Standing 702 feet at their highest point and stretching 5 miles along the west coast of Ireland.
  • Explore Connemara, the real emerald of Ireland.
  • Meander through the streets of Dublin enjoying the sights and sounds.
  • Tour Glendalough, the valley of the two lakes and enjoy its spectacular scenery.

Instructor: Peter Keating
Locations: CCV Montpelier and Online

Application Procedures (PDF)
Ireland through Words, Images & Music Slideshow (PDF)
Fall 2014 Study Abroad Application(PDF)

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