Internships & Professional Experience

Work experience can help you learn new skills while developing your personal and professional interests. It can include a work-study job, an internship, or a summer job. You will gain valuable time management skills by balancing classroom and work expectations, while you also build a personal network and your resume.
Professional learning experiences come in many forms, including internships, job shadowing, part-time jobs, community-engaged and service-learning, volunteering, class field trips, and study abroad, to name a few.

Gain Professional Experience

  • Check work-study eligibility and apply for financial aid.
  • Research professional experience opportunities.
  • Complete an academic or professional learning experience.
  • Reflect on and articulate how the experience impacted your career development.
  • Add the experience to your resume.
  • Ask supervisors or instructors if you can use them as a future reference.
  • Add any relevant pieces to your portfolio.

CCV Student Life Connections

Student leadership and experiential learning opportunities that can help you develop your professional image:

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  • "As I was teaching at CCV I found I was getting the most from my students when we were out in the field – they really responded to that learning style – so I helped to develop classes in the environmental science program that maximize hands-on-learning."

    Daniel Schmidt Environmental Science Faculty Member