Build Your Professional Image

A positive professional image tells employers that you are reliable, responsible, and committed to improvement by accepting feedback and seeking out help when you need it. You demonstrate professionalism through your attire, responsible behavior, and appropriate communication, both face-to-face and online. Building your professional image begins with self-reflection.

Professionalism Starts Now

As a current CCV student, you should begin to build your professionalism skill set now. How can you show professionalism in your role as a student?

  • Demonstrate that you are reliable and responsible by being on time and prepared for each class meeting.
  • Commit to improvement by accepting feedback and seeking out assistance when you need help.
  • Communicate thoughtfully and respectfully with other students, faculty, and staff.
  • Dress appropriately when at a CCV academic center or CCV event.
  • Create and maintain an appropriate online presence.

Create Your Professional Image

Assess your professional image by taking CCV’s Professionalism Quiz and using the following tips.

  • Call your own phone number to make sure your voicemail and ringtone sound professional. If you haven’t already done so, consider changing your primary email to something generic such as
  • Google yourself to see what others see when they search for you. Always ask yourself: Would I want a future boss to see this?
  • Bury your digital dirt. If there are some questionable links that pop up, you’ll want to create new material that will cover it up. Consider joining LinkedIn, a professional networking site, or consider setting up a professional blog to develop a clean online presence.
  • Build a web presence in your field. Follow blogs that are related to your career interests or professional association (a group of individuals in similar professions), or join an email distribution list, or listserv, that matches your interests. Visit Yahoo’s Business Association Directory to find a professional association that is right for you.
  • Gather and save materials for inclusion in a professional portfolio. Save your course evaluations from faculty and request letters of recommendation from any advisors, faculty, or group leaders who could speak positively about your professionalism, leadership, or abilities.

CCV Course Connections

Courses that can help you develop your professional image:

    • Dimensions of Freedom and Dimensions of Work
    • Effective Speaking
    • Effective Workplace Communication
    • Interpersonal and Small Group Communication
    • Business and Professional Writing
    • Community and Work Experience
    • Career Readiness Certificate
    • Assessment of Prior Learning


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